Most of times, we hear that someone worked hard to build a career. That we’re all smart, trustworthy, and committed. What’s more, we all honed specific skills to become the best we can be. Yes, yes, we’re all great with customers, strong communicators, and we know how to empower teams, to help others become the best they can be. 

“how to” embark in such a career journey in today’s volatile market/world?

But what happens when a young intern asks us sincerely “how to” embark in such a career journey in today’s volatile market/world? What can we say as mentors? I think fair to say, that each one of us is a “personal brand” (24/7/365) in life and in business, and every brand (with qualities, competitive angles, traits, audiences etc), each one of us has to have a broad roadmap in mind. This roadmap is needed to lead through and endure Change, as well as being able to target and act upon opportunities (new job, sales, networking, learning) you see a head.

Is this answer enough? I don’t think so; it’s broad, bit conceptual, not a “how to” specific answer.

each one of us is a “personal brand” 

All these came in mind, when I was reading in the post “5 talks you should watch when you are looking for a job”. I’ve selected to share one of them, the TEDx talk of the entrepreneur and business catalyst Tim Clark. He says an interesting thing: the notion of career planning is silly and that many people’s careers are based either on hypotheses (“I think I’d like this job.”) or on real tests (“turned out I don’t like this job.”).

According to Clark, it doesn’t have to be this way.
Check out his speech “Say goodbye to career planning” given at TEDxPlainpalais